What is Bamber’s Special Projects?

Bamber’s Special Projects is a bespoke workshop and design office, making one-off furniture and other items.
We are not a shop!
We also make to the designs of others.
Work undertaken only to commission.
For small interiors work, such as a bathroom revamp or a new kitchen we will also take on the project management.

What sort of projects do we do?

Storage, lots of storage! ~ Shelving, cupboards, wardrobes, library shelves, display cabinets (for home and shops), and interiors.

Special Projects

We will take on the unusual projects that perhaps fall between other manufacturing or craft disciplines, or that combine a mixture of these.
We help to develop designs through prototypes and models, also testing materials and surface finishes.
We adapt, adjust or remake existing furniture, including repainting.
We design and build exhibition stands and make unusual signage.

Expertise and experience

Bamber studied as a furniture designer and maker for four years.
In 1983 he went to London to make his fortune (!) toiling in other people’s workshops making anything from libraries, to shop fitting to prototype furniture.
After a couple of years of this he took a side step into making models, props, sets and special effects for T.V., advertising campaigns, videos and museums.

Ten years of that was a great training in the making of nearly anything, but the very unreasonable demands of the media world eventually palled, and he returned to furniture and interiors.

In 2005 Bamber and his family resettled to the country ~ from Hackney’s Murder Mile to Bishops Castle’s Love Lane Industrial Estate!