What services do we provide?

Our principle expertise is in wood, but we do take on
projects that combine metalwork, plastic machining,
glasswork, paint spraying, electrics, plumbing and

Who do we work for?

  • Architects who supply full drawings
  • Architects who give us a brief and dimensions, which then we design and draw-up and make
  • Private customers who may or may not have designs, but might have a photo from a magazine as inspiration
  • Designers who want prototypes developed
  • Shops, offices, schools

What is the procedure?

Contact Bamber’s Special Projects, we can discuss
the project over the phone.
If you have sketches, designs, or inspiration from
magazines you can send them to us.
Depending on how much information you can provide,
we may be able to give you an estimate or a quote
straight away before meeting you.

On many jobs we give a rough estimate first, to see if we
are in the right range, before spending time doing
research and designs and drawings for a quote.
If the work needs to be fitted on site we will definitely
need to come and see the site.

After the design and price have been agreed, our usual
terms for bespoke furniture are 50% in advance to start,
at which time we can give you an approximate completion
date. Once the work is completed we will invoice for the
final 50%. We expect prompt payment.

On this web site we do not have photos of every project
we have worked on over the last 26 years,
however we are always interested in quoting on anything
that we know we can successfully carry out.